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Karie House

Karie House loves the real estate industry because it’s all about helping others. People are her passion, which is why she works as a Migrate® network broker and residential agent for Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate. Karie loves to build communities who care about one another. She is passionate about neighbors connecting to each other and potential buyers, and for agents to work together creating a commonality of care between them all. Karie works hard fostering those relationships and to help people find the home well-suited for them.

Karie loves people and it is evident by her 23 years of teaching K-8 students. She has taught music and theater to thousands of students and has lived by the axiom, “They don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.” Her heart for children has spilled over into many areas of her life, giving her a special appreciation for unique personalities from all walks of life.

After a tumultuous divorce in 2013, Karie became a single mom of three children and found herself facing bankruptcy, foreclosure, and many challenges to her housing needs. Although she faced this adversity, her dreams of owning a home again came to pass in 2020. She wants to help others through obstacles they may face in real estate.

Faith and family are a passion for Karie as well. She is active in her church (Sunnyside Foursquare) located within her community of Happy Valley/Clackamas. Karie is motivated about staying active and healthy, and is currently learning about herbal remedies and non-toxic living. She feels blessed by all the love and support from her family and friends. She has a wonderful husband, Michael, and loves their blended family of six.

The challenges she has faced in life have made her more than well-suited to serve the real estate needs of her clients with professionalism, understanding, and compassion.