Migrate® is also a Buyer Listing Service

Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate connects home sellers to home buyers. Our buyer search can show you potential represented buyers for your house.

Migrate® also has a non-traditional home search for sellers who use Migrate Realtors that have a prepaid price to list their property on the Multiple Listing Service without charging a percentage commission. Our listed buyers can purchase homes from Migrate® sellers at substantial savings. This incentivizes buyers to sign up for representation and for the opportunity to be marketed to all home sellers. This is a reverse search from traditional real estate sites.


Check out the find an agent page to choose your broker.


Once you find an agent, ask them for recommendations for a lenders. We work with banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers. Ask us for help on how to find a lender


Your Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate agent and the Migrate® app will help you find the perfect home. Use the share button or favorites to let your agent know what interests you. You can even schedule a showing through the app on every listing.


Your agent will help you find the right offer price based on your buying power, the house, the level of competition, and available comparable sale data. They’ll also advise you on additional terms that will help you stand out. Your job is simple, soak in the house and decide if it’s right for you.


Your agent will help you set up inspections (examples: general whole home inspection, test for radon, video the sewer line, and scan for buried tank) as well as identify and negotiate repairs, credits, or price reductions based on the findings.


If you’re financing your home, the lender will most likely require a physical inspection of the home and an assessment of value by a state licensed appraiser. Beyond confirming value, appraisers can also call out health and safety concerns. Talk to your agent about appraisals, their potential issues, and how you can get ahead of them.


Once repairs have been negotiated, the appraisal has been completed, and your lender has issued final approval of your loan- they’ll send loan documents to escrow (the neutral third party in the transaction) and you’ll sign with the escrow officer.


While signing is a symbolic step, it doesn’t actually mean you own the house yet. After your lender funds the loan and escrow records the deed with the county, you’re officially a homeowner!

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