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Company History

Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate started in Happy Valley Oregon in 2011. We are the birthplace of Migrate® which revolutionizes the home search by introducing neighbors to the buyers. Our ambition is to connect neighbors to listings to facilitate exceptional transactions, manifesting new living experiences and endearing buyers to communities. We list the buyer, the neighbor, as well as the property. Migrate® where you already belong.

Our platform gives you a voice as to who you are as a neighbor and helps search out who you want as a neighbor. Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate goal is to expand home decisions beyond price, condition, location, and provide introductions to potential neighbors to search out communities.

Everyone is a neighbor first on Migrate® as our users are verified by a Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate Agent as a resident of their current neighborhood using Decentralized Identification or DID. When a buyer or renter creates a new home search they can see or communicate to the local residents of a home they are interested in.

The connections and profiles of neighbors are not owned by Migrate® but access to neighbor data unlocks using blockchain keys. These keys are owned by the neighbor themselves as we believe data privacy is a human right. To achieve data privacy Migrate® creates a listing service for those neighbors and buyers, giving Realtors the opportunity to not only sell homes using the system but also help broker data transactions for their clients.

Our users broadcast their preferences through the app in order to create relationships. This intentcast is in the form of a word search or home filter query in which a response comes back as a group of homes or a list of verified buyers. Each home has a button to check out the neighbors which creates an invitation to a one on one anonymous conversation with a verified resident. Migrate® home shoppers notify the marketplace by submitting the price range, size, behavior, interests, or essential preferences where owners and neighbors can respond.

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