Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate founded the Migrate® network that revolutionizes home search by introducing neighbors to the buyers.

Our ambition is to partner with new agents as ambassadors to help connect neighbors to listings.

Beyond facilitating exceptional transactions, Migrate® manifests new living experiences endearing buyers to communities. Our agents can list buyers, the neighbor, as well as the property. Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate offers a full range of services to home buyers and sellers, builders and investors.

A locally owned and operated company since 2011, Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate has a mobile technology platform to allow our associates to serve a broad geographic area from anywhere they may be.

Our vast knowledge and market share of the individual markets around the Portland Metro area and greater metro region gives us the competitive edge when it comes to helping our clients realize their real estate goals. We train the best agents and provide them with the cutting edge tools, support and training in the business, we create an unmatched real estate experience for our agents.

Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate and the Migrate® app brings several advantages to our agents, not least of which are:


Migration Contracts

to have a deeper conversation with your clients about your value as a broker and the benefits of using you to represent them. We have the unique experience as a brokerage selling real estate as a subscription/recurring model for over five years.

Excellent Training

To help our agents serve their clients to provide them with first in class up-to-date training and coaching. They learn about the latest real estate law and rule updates, internet/new media property marketing, sales techniques, financing programs, market analysis and more.

Specialization on community

Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate Brokers are trained in listing the communities, not just the house. We market to the closest neighbors to the listing. We promote getting to know your neighbor. We invite them to sign up for the app, receive a verifiable credential of residency and let them be involved in who lives there..

The Power of a Team

Our company culture encourages a high degree of collaboration, so when your client hires you they get the knowledge and expertise of many.

Tools of Today

As a JDRE agent you have a wealth of marketing tools with which to serve you and your clients. Beyond apps and document repositories we have Migrate® which is a web3 decentralized platform whereby buyers/sellers can save money by prepaying their agent for their service. This is an advantage for a broker to have a very honest conversation of risk tolerance for buying and selling a house. The appointments generated from neighbor verification introduce multiple touch points with new buyers.

First in line to get Migrate® Features Jimmy Dorsey

Real Estate agents have exclusive access to beta changes on the Migrate Platform before any other agents in the marketplace.

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