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Your subscription also gives you as a buyer those same benefits for no additional fee. So if you were to sell your house through Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate and close in one month to one of our buyers and purchase a listing within the network you would only pay $990 to buy and sell two houses. This full representation model creates buyers and sellers and helps increase the supply of homes. This is the benefit of the network and our purpose: to facilitate more transactions and help people move. This provides you with all of the services of a traditional realtor for a fraction of the cost of a typical listing. This savings represents real dollars that can be added to the budget for your new home.

Your Migration contracts a full service Realtor to market you, show you homes and make offers on houses. Any buyer can create a search and be reversed search by any neighbor or owner who may want to sell you a house not on the market.

Your Migration Contract buys you a full service realtor. With our streamlined service, you get to set your price as we take the photos, post signs, arrange showings, host open houses, as well as walk you through all contracts and negotiate on your behalf. The Migrate® App syndicates your listing to the local MLS and hundreds of websites. We are your traditional licensed and insured full representation Realtors offering a fraction of the price for prepaid contracts. What motivates us to sell your house if we are paid before the sale? We build our business on referrals and reviews. Quality, timeliness, professionalism, courtesy, negotiation skills and cost of service all contribute to a rating system. Five star ratings incentivize us to make sure the home sells in a timely fashion.

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